Tip On How To Invest In Software Testing Career Change

In the previous post, we explained the importance of the software testing market. Let’s explain how to make a decision on which software testing domain and technology to invest. This post is based on a remarkable book written by Chad Fowler, The Passionate Programmer.

Every investment is a risk-reward trade-off. Higher the risk, greater the trade-off. Remember when Forest Gump explained on a bus stop bench how his partner invested in fruit business?

What are the possible software testing technologies and domains these days? Do not think that software testing technology is only connected to tools or frameworks. Selenium (and related frameworks in various languages) and git tools are not the only options. How do you approach to testing is also very important. Have you ever heard about different schools of testing:

Jame’s Bach created a comprehensive mind map, A Tester’s Syllabus. He is a member of a context-driven school of testing. For example, If you had any ISTQB organization course than you went with the quality testing school.

A tester’s syllabus list more software tester technologies if you decided to invest in that direction.

You now know your options. You can start investing by exploring a tester’s syllabus mindmap. For example, let’s take Technology => Programming. Google trends for programming language. JavaScript is safe to bet, but what about Elixir? I like to learn how to program in a new language. If this is not the case with you, learning just to read a programming language is also an option. It would be valuable knowledge in git pull request reviews.

Or you can go with the writing path. Invest in your writing skills and start a blog about your software testing investment journey. How to promote your excellent writing is also an investment choice.

On the other side of the edge is sunset technology. PHP or Java are traditional players, but a fresh programmer chooses other languages. Somebody still needs to run and test those systems.

It is important to choose your testing school. Nine years ago, I went with a context-driven school, and now I have my small company for software testing consultancy. I also know Python, Ruby, Elixir. And most importantly, I enjoy my work every day.

I went with BBST software testing courses, instead of ISTQB courses. That was my choice. And you need to make your own investment decisions.

Originally published at https://blog.tentamen.eu on July 25, 2019.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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