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Now that we know How to Break Software that has already been broken, we give you more testing ideas by presenting a Taxonomy Of Bugs for shopping cards created by Giri Vijayaraghavan and Cem Kaner. Many thanks to Marcel, who sublimed this great resource on his blog, That’s the buffet table.


The branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms; systematics.

Giri, under the mentoring of Cem Kaner, created an outline of test ideas that could help you to limit your blind spots. This outline is for the Web Application function Shopping card and is very useful for any web application type. It has sixty categories, and still, it does not cover all categories. You could also apply this outline by picking categories that are of interest and test for issues in those categories.

How To Use It

You could use this outline as:

  • teaching material

An Example

Here is one example from Category of Web Cache Servers:

Shopping carts that use the IP address to track the state of the cart may fail because Interception proxies at the ISP level may alter the client’s IP to that of the proxy itself.

Originally published at https://blog.tentamen.eu on November 2, 2020.

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