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Built by James Lyndsay — @workroomprds
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Now that we explored Elizabeth Hendrickson’s ideas on creating charters for exploratory testing, let’s expand testing ideas with the legendary two-page Cheat Sheet on testing heuristics created by Elisabeth Hendrickson, James Lyndsay, and Dale Emery. This is a part of the Exploratory Testing Pathway. Many thanks to Marcel, who sublimed this great resource on his blog, That’s the buffet table.

Cheat Sheet

a piece of paper bearing written notes intended to aid one’s memory, typically one used surreptitiously in an examination.

I have an exploratory testing cheat sheet on my computer desktop. When I start planning to test, I skim through it to refresh my memory.

This cheat sheet has five sections.

Data Type Attacks

An example is when we try to use scientific notation for float numbers.

Web Tests

You resize the window of a browser and investigate how the application renders on that resolution.

Testing Wisdom

Tester likes to say that they are wise. Check your testing wisdom with this chapter. My favorite:

Do not confuse speed with progress.


We know that heuristic is a rule of thumb that could help you in resolving a problem by giving us ideas on how to test. For example, in application variable analysis, find all variables that could be changed. Be aware that besides input variables, we have output, hidden and subtle variables.


A nice example is the Observation by James Lindsay.


I suggest that you should also put this cheat sheet on your computer or real desktop.

Originally published at https://blog.tentamen.eu on October 13, 2020.

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