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This is a story of updating my credit card number at five Internet services where I use the feature of the recurring payment.

The Problem

Last year, my bank changed the owner. The business process of the new owner is that all customers have to replace still valid credit cards with a new one. A new card means a new credit card number. As my old card was still valid, I postponed activating a new card. Here is why.

I first waited that all of my recurring payments are made for this month, so I could have almost a time window of thirty days to resolve issues with updated credit card data. That was the right decision.

I successfully updated my blog hosting provided, Pagely. I choose the next one to be AWS, also successful. But there was a notification that the card update request will charge my card for the amount of 1 us$. Next in line was Send Grid, and card update failed with the error message:

62 Restricted Card

The customer’s card issuer has declined the transaction as the credit card has some restrictions. The customer should use an alternate credit card or contact their bank [source]. I tried Google Suite, the same error. We have a pattern, so this is an issue for me.

I contacted my credit card provider, and after some time, I got a call from a credit card fraud management engineer. My hunch was that my card updates timestamps were being too frequent. But she explained that AWS transaction of 1 us$ automatically deactivated my credit card as this was a suspicious transaction.

She deblocked my card, and I continued my credit card update journey. Google Suite was successful, but SendGrid reported a new error code:

[GatewayTransactionError] Transaction declined.550 — Advanced Fraud Filter Score Below Threshold [source]

SendGrid payment settings triggered that error. I created a support request, still no response. The next recurring transaction is on Aug 1st, so I have time. Current credit card is still valid, but inactive, so I did not trigger any of SendGrid payment amounts.

Side Problem

I have a card from the image above. Do you notice what is the problem of that card? First, there is no credit card number. Second, the credit card number is in white numbers and it goes just a little below W and E letters. At least two letters are above the compass white circle. The result is that it is almost impossible to read two credit card numbers.

Happy banking!

Originally published at https://blog.tentamen.eu on July 19, 2020.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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