Testing From Trenches, Issue With Newsletter Hard Coded Data


This post is about an issue that was related to Elixir Radar Newsletter’s hard coded data.

When you encounter word history as part of a bug report related to your application, you are dilling with issues related to the time testing variable. As part of my Elixir learning path, I subscribed to the Elixir Radar newsletter that brings every week a selection of blog post links related to Elixir. I wrote my first Elixir blog post about mock testing Arc Ecto schemas, and I decided to apply it to Elixir Radar newsletter using their Send A Blog Post button, at the end of a newsletter. This button is an email link that automatically redirects you to the Gmail web client send an email feature.

I did not use a recent newsletter issue because I a few weeks behind in reading those interesting articles (Inbox issue). A couple a days after the submission, I received an email from a newsletter operator that my submission will be considered. Still, for the possible future submission, I should use an updated email. When I explained that I used the newsletter button for submission, he responded that the email link for that button was recently updated.


Hard coding data would eventually be an issue when that data needs to be updated. For example, that link could be an application URL that dynamically returns up to date email link.

Originally published at https://blog.tentamen.eu on June 4, 2020.



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