TestBash Home 2020 — The Talks

TestBash Home 2020 — The Talks

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Live by Joao Proenca: Should We Just … Delete It?

Replay by Angie Jones: Revisited: How To Get Automation Included In Your Definition Of Done.

Replay by Aby Phillips: The tester’s survival guide to joining a continuous delivery project.

Live by Maryam Umar: Inspiration And Burnout

Live by Shey Crompton, Nicola Sedgwick, Alessandra Moreira: Leadership Panel

Live by Jenny Bramble: The Only Good Quality Metric Is Morale

Recorded by Martin Hynie: Revisited: What’s in a name? Experimenting With Testing Job Titles

Q&A Sessions

99 Seconds Talks


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Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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