Risk analysis on laundry washing example

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Successful teaching is always supported with everyday examples. I will present my risk analysis on washing laundry example.

Thursday is my washing white laundry day. I set up program for white laundry, and I leave for work.

My risks (what could possible interrupt successful laundry washing)

  • power outage
  • water outage
  • laundry machine malfunction

Last Thursday, as I was leaving my apartment, I noticed that there was water supplier van parked in front of my apartment building. When I came home, I found in my snail mail inbox an official note from water supply company. Note was report on service replacement of water meter. I also noticed that note in neighbor’s mailboxes. Laundry washing cycle should have been done. I know that by flashing right light in yellow color on washing machine panel.

But, two lights were flashing in green color and I could not open the washing machine. I did not have washing machine instructions, so I did not know the meaning of “error message signal”. I opened tap, and yellow water was running for about a minute. At that moment, I knew the meaning of error signal message, without consulting the instructions.

I pressed the play button on machine panel, and laundry washing continued.

Here is what happened:

  1. water supply company workers closed building main water vent
  2. Washing machine processor detected water outage signal, and instructed motor to pause the process.
  3. Processor instructed both panel lights to flash in green light.


Water outage risk during laundry washing cycle is acceptable for me because only defiance is that washing cycle duration was extended for period from the moment of water outage to moment when user continues cycle by pressing play button.

Originally published at blog.tentamen.eu on June 30, 2018.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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