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Ron describes the OS X sudo issue that is not present in my current OS X 10.13.6 because of this post was from 2015. You will learn about the sudo option tty_tickets.

Maybe you will be disappointed, but most parts of security is a tedious checklist that should be automated. Here is a Linux security checklist. The right starting point to learn about Linux security.

My answer is a firm YES for 2020. RSS is the most elegant way to monitor feed from various sources. Here you can read still relevant HackerNews discussion from 2015.

If you need to test your TLS/SSL encryption from the cmd line, you should try this tool. By exploring cmd options, you can extend your knowledge about this topic.

A podcast episode about Declan O’Riordan 3 epiphanies of security testing over a pint of Guinness.

Katrina created various self-development pathway blog posts for software testers. This pathway is a tool to help guide your self-development in security testing. It includes a variety of steps that you may approach linearly or by hopping about to those that interest you most.

Originally published at on March 25, 2020.



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