Reading Club, How To Think And 5 More Great Posts

Karlo Smid
2 min readMar 20, 2020

10 Books on Thinking About Thinking by Barry Ritholtz [source]

Barry gives a list of books that think about how we think. Bach and Bolton [ source] started their testing rework based on books with that topic. Excellent reading list for these trouble times.

Agile testing activity checklist by John Stevenson [source]

John gives us a checklist! Why? As the barriers between development and test blur when working in scrum teams and being agile, the testing activities can sometimes be lost.

Lynis, an introduction by Cisofy [source]

Lynis is open-source auditing, system hardening, compliance testing tool.

README by Paul Littlebury (aka jaffamonkey) [source]

Paul’s common questions when he is walking into a new project.

Testing UI changes in large web applications by Xebia [source]

VisualReview’s goal is to provide a productive and human-friendly workflow for testing and reviewing your web application’s layout for any regressions. This project is abandoned, maybe it is your chance to make it live again.

Test Load Balancer (TLB) [source]

Test Load Balancer is not a tool for testing load balancers but is a Java tool that can automatically partition tests into multiple subsets each one of which can be executed in parallel.

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