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In the previous post, we gave a report on A Case of Failure: Pinpointing A Problem for Correction by Maaret Pyhäjärvi, the last session of Online Test Conf Autumn 2020 first day sessions. Today we continue with third-day sessions as the second day was aligned with AEST (Australia) time zone, and it was too early in Croatia. This is a report on Evolve or Die: Testing Must Change by Peter Walen. What should we do with software testing practices that make testing slow, expensive, inefficient, and ineffective?


In 2011, Alberto Savoia proclaimed “Test Is Dead”; at GTAC. His presentation was “controversial”; Many people involved in software testing denounced it. The problems he pointed out still exist at many companies. Some practices make testing slow, expensive, inefficient, and ineffective. Companies and people cling to them as the “right way to test” even when evidence shows otherwise.

Software Testing Extincting Monsters

Peter is another excellent storyteller. Check out his blog Rythm Of Testing to read his stories. We must not be software testing extinction monsters. Alberto Savoia proclaimed, “Test Is Dead,” and I remember that this was not correctly understood by the software testing community.

Jurrasic Era Of Software (aka Waterfall)

Ok To Be Late

And most importantly, it was ok to be late.

Test Is Dead

What Google meant with the message that Test Is Dead? If you recap the Jurrasic Era story and find your’s software testing in it, you are doing it wrong. Actually, many software testers are still doing it wrong. And this “Wrong Testing” is still very alive. Google claimed in 2011 that this kind of testing is dead in Google.

How To Change

First, we need to change the collaboration.

Just One More Question

In a TV Show about detective Columbo, his punchline during the investigation was

  • learn to write code
  • expand learning circle
  • meetups, conferences
  • test automation University
  • and I would like to add, find your own path


Joel started the Q&A session with a fact check:

Testivator Session Score

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