Meetup And Learn: Automating Pragmatically And Data Analytics

This post is report on what I learned on Testival Meetup #50. Many thanks to our sponsor of this event, Infinum. We had two main talks and Lighting Talk. Alan Richardson, aka Evil Tester, presented how to automate pragmatically, and Iva Šekerija from Infinum talked about her practical experiences in testing Data Analytics.

We had 30+ attendees and started with usual Testival Meetup introductions given by Kreso Linke. Every attendee gave a short about me introduction.

Kreso Linke made a great effort to contact Alan and arrange this presentation. Here is video of live recording. Short summary for TL;DW:

This contains information on:

- why he does not use the phrase Test Automation
— what he do say instead
— how to evaluate what experts say about Test Automation
— Different ways of modelling Test Automation
— How he models Testing
— What to do if you feel you must learn to code as a Test

My takeaways. Richard point is that for test automation he uses a model of application as a graph where nodes are application states, and node connections are possible paths through application. During Q&A, I asked Richard opinion on Testing Pyramid model that is widely used in test automation. He stated that counting tests by their level (UI, integration, unit) does not give useful information because we do not know which risks are covered by those numbers. Important metric is to know which application risk is covered by specific level (e.g. unit testing).

Ana presented her hands on experience on Data Analytics testing at Infinum projects. I use Google Analytics for this blog, but just default features. I learned that event tracking plan is decision which events (user actions in applications) will be set for monitoring in analytics applications. She uses Firebase and Google Big Query Data Studio. Funnel is also important metric. It tracks a series of user steps where each step is defined with event.

Zeljko presented Wikipedia deployment checklist.

Originally published at on July 9, 2019.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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