Meetup And Learn: Automating Jira And Using Riddles For Teaching Testers

This post is report what I learned on Testival #51. Many thanks to sponsor of this event, Q Agency! We had 50+ attendees. Kreso Linke gave introduction about Testival Meetup. After that, every attendy gave a short about me intro. I like to state my recent testing activity, this time that was writing Phoenix Espec automated CHECKS for Ecto library. There were two talks, Frane presented how to integrate Cypress test results with Jira. Dario and Dean presented QA process in Q.

Frane presented workflow that he used in order to integrated Cypress test result into Jira:

  1. XRay Jira plugin
  2. Create Cypress bootstrap test data using Postman
  3. Export Cypress test results as JSON using Mocha plugin, in this part, Frane created JavaScript script that modifies default output to be ready for XRay.
  4. Update JIRA task
  5. Use Postman for integration verification.

Dario and Dean presented QA activities on several Q projects. Dario stated that they do manual testing, while they are actually doing complex scenario end to end testing of payment mobile application using real phone devices. They use test cases as an initial guidance. Using analytics data, they decide which phones and Browsers should be used.

Davor presented a tool that tries to resolve hidden rules of a card game. A card game gives simple output, yes/no for a rule guess. For example, rule could be that sum of card values must be > 10. Point is that testers often have to discover testing oracle using testing experiments.

Lateral thinking is important software tester skill. Riddles are useful technique to teach testers lateral thinking. Tibor created his own riddle:

I was not able to solve this riddle in five minutes, but was able to run my own explanation when I heard the result and figured out my wrong riddle heuristic.

No photo because I was trying to crack the riddle :). Vilim explained that the best way to get better job is to apply for at least one job interview a month.

Originally published at on July 11, 2019.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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