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Charter Test Ideas Without Taxonomy For Sentry


In the last post, we elaborated on fifteen brainstorming test idea challenges using this excellent paper: Bug Taxonomies: Use Them to Generate Better Tests [Vijayaraghavan, Kaner]. In today’s post, we will brainstorm test ideas without any taxonomy on a real example, and then we will analyze the session reports using SF DEPOT software testing taxonomy. Many thanks to Marcel, who sublimed this great resource on his blog, That’s the buffet table.


The application under test is Sentry. Sentry’s application monitoring platform helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize their code’s performance. The product area is the Issues feature. This is the Sentry core part where users could analyze application errors in great detail.

Sentry Issues Feature

Session Without Testing Taxonomy

This is our first charter:

Charter Test Ideas Without Taxonomy For Sentry
Session Report In Testivator

SF DEPOT Testing Taxonomy

Let’s analyze this session, using SF DEPOT software testing taxonomy. Here is a mind map that explains SF DEPOT:

credit: http://automation-beyond.com/


If you think that you are stuck with test ideas, just Google test idea taxonomies and map them to the context of your project.