Keynote Session Report On Testival Vukovar 2018


This post is keynote session report on Testival Vukovar 2018.

In previous post I wrote about first day.

Adina Moldovan (@adinnaplus) “keynote” talk was interactive session. There was no official name for this talk/session, and this is for the first time that I attended a talk that was presented with mind map instead of presentation slides! What simple but effective idea, because you have a overview of previous and following talk topic, as Adina expanded/collapsed talk mind map. With presentation slides, you are always “stuck” with current slide!

Testing is done to provide information

All nodes in this mind map were collapsed at the start of session and were expanded during the presentation.

From “about me” section I would like to emphasize that Altom offers online course for BBST courses and Rapid Software Testing by Bach and Bolton. Aldina explained how is very important for software testing to create local software community. I think that Testival confirmed that fact because this year there were 60 ACTIVELY INVOLVED participants.

In social psychology, pluralistic ignorance is a situation in which a majority of group members privately reject a norm, but incorrectly assume that most others accept it, and therefore go along with it [Wikipedia]. That supported the Rule of two feet which stands that if you do not like the session, you can quietly move to another one.

Then we had 1 minute meditation with question: “Why I am at Testival?”

Main part of presentation started with question: “What is software testing”?

what is software testing, my take on note taking with sketching

Software testing is information providing business! We provide information about product/system under test.

Testing can be scripted vs exploratory (or testing because every exploratory activity is testing). Testival audience created data under Tools and How we know we tested enough nodes!

Then we started Session Based Test Management session with duration of 15 minutes. We used gdrive spreadsheet SBTM Session Template v.2.1.

We all participated with charter: Function tour (find out what are the functions of Firefox Color). Note categories are:

  • setup
  • test
  • note
  • question
  • off charter
  • next time

Open spreadsheet to see Testival notes.

In order to create report about the SBTM session, you can use SBTM record template v.1.1.

SBTM report, every tester just loves pies!

We added 15 minutes to keynote in order to discuss Oracle problem. Oracle is fallible heuristics that could help us to identify do we have a problem here. This is very important because if we blindly record everything that we found suspicious into bug tracking tool, we could easily lost our software testing credibility. Again, Testival audience created data under Oracles and Skills nodes.

My takeaway are to gdrive spreadsheets that I will definitely use as template for my SBTM sessions!

Last week I got ping over LinkedIn from Goran Školjarev that it would be good practice to capitalize every word in my blog post titles. I have never thought about it, and I have never read that this could help to boost Google search references. But by checking some of professional blog posts, e.g. James Bach, I noticed that he uses this practice. So in this blog post I am applying Goran’s recommendation. Thanks!

Originally published at tentamen blog.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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