It is Testival Vukovar 2018 time!

The Vučedol Dove, emblem of the Vučedol culture


This post is announcement for Testival 2018, a software tester event that is combination of keynote sessions and unconference format.

Lets use Kipling method in order to explain why you should attend Testival 2018.

What is the problem?

Why is it happening?

Altom is organizer of Rapid Software Testing and The BBST® Course Series, so if you have questions about modern software testing education, Adina will have right answers for you!

Unconference format means that on Friday you can propose topic that you would like to discuss with other participants. This topic could become actual session if gets enough votes. But do not despair if there would not be enough votes, I guarantee you that you will meet at least one tester with same interests.

Did I mention that admission is FREE (food and drinks included) thanks to Testival lovely sponsors that you can find here.

When it is happening?

6:00 PM — Sign in
6:30 PM — Introduction
7:00 PM — Topics & Timeslots
8:30 PM — Social Hour


8:00 AM — Coffee
9:00 AM — Keynote
10:00 AM — Session 1
11:15 AM — Session 2
12:30 PM — Lunch
2:00 PM — Lightning Talks
3:15 PM — Session 3
4:30 PM — Session 4
5:45 PM — Final Address
7:00 PM — To Dinner and Evening Activities

Each session is scheduled for one hour. Finger food and drinks are provided during the social hour. Breakfast and lunch are provided Saturday.

Where it is happening?

How can you overcome this problem?

Who you need to get involved?

How to apply?

When will you know you have solved the problem?

See you in Vukovar!

Originally published at tentamen blog.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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