Is Rapid Software Testing Course For Me?


Michael Bolton held in October latest version of Rapid Software Testing Course here in Zagreb. On latest Testival Meetup one Kreso gave a talk how that course transformed him as a tester. At the end of talk, there was an interesting Q&A session about the course content (meetup was also attend by other course participants), which was actually student feedback on Rapid Software Testing Course. I took Rapid Software Testing Course in 2010 and it was interesting to get course update and to here was student feedback aligned with mine back in 2010.

General impression (aligned with mine) was that students were overwhelmed with course content. As if as they expected best practice to-do lists that could be universally applied on every testing problem, including their. For example, they struggled to give definition of heuristics or risk in their own words, but to calm them down, this is expected :)

The name of course contains word Rapid, and it was interesting to here that Davor’s impression was that Rapid Software Testing could not be applied in Agile because in Agile everything happens in fast pace and there would not be time for Rapid Software Testing.

I gave very simple advice how to comprehend Rapid Software Testing Course, you need to start PRACTICE it in real world. If you are afraid to practice it during your daily work, use any of popular open source applications and practice there during you FREE TIME (yes, the sacrifice you need to take in order to become excellent software tester).

For me, Rapid Software Testing is like big set of Lego bricks, you need to use them on daily basis in order to make them fun.

Next advice is to start, within several months, with BBST online courses. It helped me a lot to start making Rapid Software Testing bricks falling into their right places.

Originally published at tentamen software testing blog.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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