I Found A Bug At Zagreb Historic Site


This afternoon was planned to be easy walk to Gallery Kolvićevi Dvori to see exhibit of Nikola Reisner retrospective. This is the story about a bug that I found at Zagreb historical site.

Park Grič [licegrada.hr]
Park Grič [licegrada.hr]

Park Grič [licegrada.hr]

On my way to the gallery, I discovered Grič park. Park location was Gradec cemetery, so it was needed to do archeological work prior to park renovation. At historical sites, I always like to read the information tables. Park Grič has table text both in English and Croatian. I found a bug in this table. Can you spot it?

Park Grič information table
Park Grič information table

Park Grič information table

Here is bug description.

Table has information about the Anjou Place. Croatian is on the left side, and English is on the right side. This table has several topics. Croatian text about the palace is finished in English. That English text is translation of end of first paragraph written in Croatian. You can find same english text on the right side, at the end of first paragraph.

Is this a bug, or, do we have a problem here? Risk is that Croats that read the Palace paragraph would not get the information why archeologist assume that ruins in front of this table represent Anjou Palace. As this Park renovation was paid with public money (people that understand Croatian), and done by private company, this is definitely an issue. Why? Quality of product is not good, and Jerry Weinberg defines quality this way:

Quality is value to some person.

Well, in this context, to many people.

I should report this bug. There is a table with company info that did the work. I will go the rabbit hole and report on success here on this blog :)

And here are my two favorite Reisner paintings:

In the Tavern.

In the Tavern was his first painting.

Veli Lošinj

In Veli Lošinj I spent my best summers. Me and my friends were fishing at this small peer. This is fisherman’s part of town, smaller and much quieter. The painting was done in 1986, the year when I spent my summer break in Veli Losinj :).

Originally published at tentamen software testing blog.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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