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Karlo Smid
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


Yesterday I applied the simple rule of thumb, a heuristic, during my afternoon trial walk around the Jarun lake.

The Story

Yesterday I used for the first time trial hiking poles. During the weekends, I try to do a route of more than 10km. Recently I noticed that my arms hurt me above the elbow after such routes. So poles are here to help me to have support for my hands. The second benefit is that you exercise your hands by moving the poles.

The weather was warm, and I was thirsty after someone hour into the route. At Jarun lake, we have several rest points with toilets and water fountains. I know that those are close until 31.3 (there is a public notice at Jarun lake’s entrance). I was passing by a water fountain I. Just by looking at it, I knew that the water was closed.

Water Fountain At The Jarun Lake

My heuristic was simple but effective:

  • The water Fountain was dry.
  • Very probably, I was not the only thirsty person at the Jarun.
  • I know about the notice at the entrance. But this is fallible because, in Croatia, we very often bend the rules a little bit.


Get outside and start walking. Buy poles, and do not be ashamed to use them (the usual comment is where are your skis). Your body will be very grateful for this decision!

Originally published at https://blog.tentamen.eu on February 22, 2021.