A Timeout, Default And Ten Kuna Enters The Bus.


Recently I started using RFID ZET public transport card. This blog post describes series of events that cost me six kuna.

A Timeout

On reader device that is present in every bus, you have two options: 30 minute ride that costs four kuna and 90 minute ride that costs ten kuna. You first need to select 30 or 90 minute option. Selection is valid for some time, lets say five seconds. Selection timeout is five seconds.


Default ride option is 90 minutes.

Ten Kuna

90 minute ride option costs ten kuna.

The problem

So what happened that costed me six kuna?

I wanted to select 30 minute option that costs four kuna. I selected it and pressed card AT WRONG AREA. I finally found proper device area, but at that moment timeout kicked it and I was charged for DEFAULT 90 minute option.

Never forget to test your features using time variable.

Originally published at tentamen blog.

Founder of Tentamen, software testing agency.

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